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Cardboard box packing machine
DG - 13B type

This type of packing machine is suitable for packing different goods sold by the piece and products of food industry in cardboard boxes one by one or collected realizing consumer make. Applying hot size and snap press DG-13B prepares a three dimensional form of box out of a cut taking the product as its pattern. The outstanding importance of the machine is its practicability in situations where placing-in of products is difficult or it's only workable if cardboard is fixed.

Area of use:

Consumer packing of goods sold by the piece (i.e.: electric bulbs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, e.t.c.) and products of food industry (i.e. cheese, rice, sweets, e.t.c.).

Process of working:

The packing machine is completely automatical, performs discontinuous and continuous movements with stageless running. The unpacked products are placed onto the carrying-in line with manual or automatical feeding and they meet the boxes, prepared from cardboard cut, at the push-in unit. The machine is fixed, while feeding and pushing products into the cardboard takes place, otherwise it performs continuous movement. Then the product is put in the box and after flaps are bent over and snap or hot size press is done it reaches its final form. Packed products leave the packing machine on a carrying-out line.

Process of packing:

Snap flap press

folyamat rajz

Technical details:

Set without stages 0 - 30 box / min.
Size of box:
Length: 60 - 200mm, width: 60-125mm, height: 20 - 70mm.
Required electricity:
230 / 400 V, 50 Hz, 2 kW.
Size of machine:Length: 3600mm, width: 1300mm, height: 1600 + 50mm.
Weight of machine: 1150 kg.

Dg-1b Kartondobozos csomagológép