Cardboard box packing machine
Cardboard box collecting packing machine
Foiling-packing machine
Foiling, collecting packing machine

Foiling, collecting-packing machine
FG - 2B type

FG-2B is suitable for producing unit of packs in a way that goods sold by the piece already trayed or prearranged are rounded with foil then they are fixed as moving through contract and cooling tunnel.

Area of use:

Contract foil collecting packing of goods sold by the piece (i.e.:electric bulbs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, e.t.c.) and products of food industry (i.e.:tinned fruit, can and bottle of drinks, sweets, e.t.c.)

Process of working:

FG-2B works automatically. Its operation only requires supervision. As a result of the adequate product precision the machine requires less place and energy and higher productivity can be reached. Products are carried inside the machine on a conveyor belt which can be directed either to the left or right. The product arranging unit is equipped with frequency drive if needed because of the protective and quick push-through and lifting. The automatical bottom and top foil feeding units have double buffer, besides they also enable the machine to exchange foil quickly. 0.5 welding/sec can be achieved with the help of the adequately choosen welding method. That is why it is possible to achieve 25 movements/min. cyclical period. To pass on the collecting pack already rounded with foil we use belt which has controlled drive and as a result it requires less energy. The round foiled unit of pack reaches its final outlook in the contract and cooling tunnel having either a controllable heated inner circulatory or air blowing heating system.

Process of packing:


folyamat ábra

Technical details:

10-25 collecting pack / min. (product dependent)
Size of pack: max.length 350 mm, width 600 mm, height 300mm
Size of machine:
length 2500 - 4200 mm, width 1100-1400 mm, height 1600-1800mm
Electricity requirements:
230 / 400 V, 50 Hz, max. 18 kW
Air requirements:
2-8 litre/movement, 6.5 bar
Weight of machine: 600 - 900 kg.

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