Cardboard box packing machine
Cardboard box collecting packing machine
Foiling-packing machine
Foiling, collecting packing machine

Cardboard box collecting-packing machine
GYDG - 2B type

GYDG-2B type packing machine realizes the most developed way of cardboard - tray packing with the technology of moving the tray and the products horizontally. Either it can be applied individually or integrated into a complete packing line. According to the requirements of our age this kind of automatical packing technology completely carries out the whole arranging and traying process from arriving products on the carrier line up to the trayed boxes. As moving products horizontally protects them from damages :i.e. in case of bottles it eliminates any damages of tag paper. Packing process starts out of a plain cardboard which can be single or multi layer bulking paper. According to the requirements contract foil is a possible further way of fixing trayed products.

Area of use:

Goods sold by the piece (i.e.:electric bulbs, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, e.t.c.) and products of food industry (i.e.:tinned fruit, can and bottle of drinks, sweets, e.t.c.) are placed in bulking paper cardboard collecting packing.

Process of working:

GYDG-2B is automatical and works periodically with stageless mechanical drive. Products arriving on the carrying-in line after the necessary horizontal or vertical prearranging are passed onto the already set up cardboard cut. After the necessary longitudinal sizing the cardboard, tightened onto the product, is fixed by arms which are controllable in strength. The ready collecting pack leaves the machine on a roller-track.

Process of packing:

Trayed collecting packing


Folyamat ábra

Technical details:

Set without stages 2-15 tray / min.
Size of tray:
length 190-450 mm, width 100-300 mm, height 20-100 mm
Electricity requirements:
230 / 400 V, 50 Hz, 6 kW.
Air requirements:
8 litre / box, 6 bar
Size of machine:length 2800 mm,
width 1350 mm, height 2100 + 50 mm
Weight of machine: 1100 kg.

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